Reasons you need a maternity pillow if you’re pregnant

Reasons you need a maternity pillow if you’re pregnant

During pregnancy sleep does not come easily. A few months in, your stomach will be carrying more weight, disrupting the balance in your delicate body which is not used to having more strain around that area. It consequently leads to bodily aches and pains that leave you unable to have a comfortable night’s sleep, and instead you’ll find yourself waking up during the middle of the night, unable to get back to sleep.

Good Night Maternity, a website that specializes in pregnancy and baby feeding pillows have given us several ways in which you could benefit from having a pregnancy pillow.

First, they provide full body support, ensuring your whole body (including the most common problem areas: neck, back and spine) is under less strain, which will quickly reduce the symptoms of the aches and pains. The most important support is for your stomach, and the pillow will tuck underneath it to make sure it isn’t awkwardly dragging your whole body down. Although you could create support for your body using your regular pillows, they are not carefully designed for that purpose, and require several to cover all stress points (which can make things very messy).

Maternity pillows also instruct your body to sleep on your side, which is the optimal position in preparation for childbirth. This is most likely how you’ll be sleeping anyway, if you’re more than a couple of months into pregnancy, but the support provided by the pillow can ensure that you don’t find yourself rolling around in bed. The pillow is encouraging better sleep, and just as importantly, in the ideal position.

A third, but lesser known reason for getting one is because of their functions even after your baby is born. A lot of newer maternity pillows will double up as a breastfeeding support pillow, giving you an easy, comfortable position to breastfeed. Buying these separately can often cost the same, if not more than a pregnancy pillow, so investing early can save you the trouble, while leaving you sleeping like a baby in the months leading up to childbirth.

Last but not least, despite their name, pregnancy pillows can be used even when you’re not pregnant. That’s right, they make for a great pillow on their own! Many have reported that they’ve kept these pillows around, or use them as their primary pillow to this day. In fact, many partners have found themselves in a rather jealous position!

Whether you’re due in 12 months or 2 months, it’s never too early or too late to buy a maternity pillow. However, the earlier the better, as you just can’t put a price on getting good night’s rest.

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What are some examples of high intensity workouts?

What are some examples of high intensity workouts?

In our last post we discussed how short, high intensity workouts were more effective than long, drawn out cardio workouts for dealing with a skinny-fat body type. But it isn’t just skinny fat people that benefit from this kind of exercise, almost everyone can. It is great for building strength and conditioning, and an extremely effective method of weight loss thanks to the long-lasting metabolism boost provided. In this example we’ll give you a better idea of what constitutes a ‘high intensity’ workout.

The first set of exercises are:

  • Push ups
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Butt kicks

These are powerful, full body movements that recruit muscles across the body. To make sure the exercise is intense, you’ll need to perform them quickly. You’ll want to catch a breath between exercises, but it’s also worth considering going down the high intensity interval training (HIIT) route whereby you do a low intensity, aerobic exercise in between high intensity exercises (e.g. a jog).

The second set of exercises are:

  • Sprints
  • Jumping (jump rope, box jumps, jumping jacks, etc.)
  • Jabs and Cross

These exercises are the more traditional ‘high intensity’ workouts. Sprinting in particular is incredibly effective, and will tire you extremely quickly, although it’s not an exercise that can be performed during your gym routine, for obvious reasons. Next, there is jumping, which can easily be done in smaller spaces. If you are doing them quickly, and launching yourself as high as you can, you’ll burn calories extremely fast. Here’s a good list of some exercises from the vert shock program. Third, there are jabs and crosses (see video below). Whereas sprints and jumps are focused primarily on your legs, jabs (think of boxing the air) is a bit like jumping for your arms.

These are the most basic high intensity exercises. However, as you move on you’ll likely want to look into more advanced ones. You can also find ones that incorporate weights or the latest training equipment like TRX.


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Skinny Fat? Don’t follow your typical weight loss advice

Skinny Fat? Don’t follow your typical weight loss advice

A lot of people suffer from being skinny fat – a state where you actually have a lot of fat but appear skinny because you are devoid of muscle mass. It means a few things. First, you are physically weak as you lack muscle. Second, you are risk to the same serious conditions that obesity brings, like high cholesterol or high blood pressure, without it being as obvious to yourself or others. Third, if you’re a guy then it could suggest a hormonal imbalance, where you have more estrogen and less testosterone than normal, resulting in more fat around the hips and breasts. You should check the common symptoms of a hormonal imbalance if you’re male, and consult your doctor who may suggest testosterone testing.

Man with no fitness muscles and no abs

A skinny fat physique – he doesn’t look fat right?

In order to deal with being skinny fat, you have to realize that what works for a typically ‘fat’ person might not work the same way for you. A lot of people might suggest getting on the treadmill or bicycle machine for a cardio workout, but when you are skinny fat this is most definitely not the best way to approach things. You could be doing all the cardio you want, but if your muscles are severely underdeveloped your body will burn so few calories during the day that most of your calorie intake will still be adding to your fat.

The solution is actually to focus on more intensive training that build muscle mass, unlike pure cardio workouts which can actually interfere with muscle growth. This can be in the form of weightlifting or high-intensity workouts. Weightlifting is the best way to build muscle, but you’ll want to make sure you’re doing compound movements, like squats or bench press, which stimulate the most muscle growth and also increase levels of testosterone. If you are unfamiliar with weightlifting, it is best to start with an introductory workout program that you stick to. You’ll be able to find many of these online, and if they’re good, they’ll consist solely on the compound lifts, and not have more isolated exercises like forearm curls or the pec-deck.

This article doesn’t give you a comprehensive strategy to overcome a skinny-fat condition, but that’s because its purpose is to make you aware that the condition is unique, and your typical weight loss program is most likely not the right fix for you. If you are looking for a solution, make sure it is one that is specifically targeted towards skinny fat people, and not simply someone who feels like they should slim up a bit every time they see themselves in the mirror.



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Stop Smoking Ahead of 2016! 10 Tips to permanently stop smoking

Stop Smoking Ahead of 2016! 10 Tips to permanently stop smoking

Many people struggle with an addiction to nicotine. Today’s Gate Projects article has some terrific tips to send you away and free yourself from nicotine dependency. It’s time to quit your unhealthy habits and become a new person ahead of 2016.

It is difficult at first, but get in the habit of declining a free cigarrette

It is difficult at first, but get in the habit of declining a free cigarrette


10 Stop-Smoking Tips


1. Before you begin the process of quitting your pure nicotine habit forever, you should plan a well thought out strategy in advance. Jot down a few bullet points of things that you could be doing instead of reaching for that next cigarette. This can include going for a walk, calling a close friend, making a fresh fruit smoothie mix, or pretty much anything that isn’t asking for too much of yourself – and should also be something you want to do.

2. If you want to gradually stop smoking, a first step of the plan could be to make smoking an inconvenient activity. Wait till you have completely finished a pack before purchasing an additional one. You need to also prevent purchasing multiple packs at a time, so the whole thing starts to become a big hassle, making you more inclined to realize the trouble that smoking causes.

3. If you smoke as a method to regulate stress, you’ll need to have various other stress remediation strategies all set when you have made your decision to stop. Try to minimize putting yourself in circumstances that might stress you out for the very first few weeks after you have actually quit. You can likewise manage your tension via yoga, meditation or by obtaining a massage therapy.

4. When you’re trying to stop, make sure you’re getting plenty of rest. When you stay up longer, you become prone to succumbing to your nicotine cravings. This is when you are most likely to try and sneak in a cigarette. If you go to bed and also get up on a routine, you’ll be far more most likely to give up smoking forever.

5. Try the delay tactic when you have a smoking urge. If you do something else and after that re-evaluate your feelings after a short period, you’ll discover that the most awful of the yearnings are gone. If you still feel the urge, repeat the procedure! Tell on your own you’ll wait five to 10 minutes before smoking.

6. In order to give up smoking, locate another thing you can hold in your hand and put in your mouth. Because you’ve become accustomed to having a cigarette in your smoking hand and your mouth, numerous smokers become even more irritable when they have nothing to hold or put in their mouth. Rather than a cigarette, find something else, like a pen or straw.

7. It is okay to make use of a pure nicotine replacement throughout the beginning phase of your smoking cessation workshop. Pure nicotine is very addictive, and the drawback signs and symptoms can be very unpleasant. Pure nicotine gum or lozenges can prevent you from really feeling short-tempered, irritable and moody and can be the difference between success and also failure.

8. Blow off some steam to take your mind off smoking. Among one of the most efficient means for you to beat the dreaded nicotine yearnings is to work out. As an added little perk, you will feel the effects of your improving wellness more readily if you start a more rigorous exercise regimen when you first come off the cigarettes.

9. If you give up smoking and for whatever reason give in to your bodily cravings, do not put yourself down too harshly or start thinking that you’ll never succeed. Lots of previous smokers quit and also experienced regression a whole number of times prior to their ultimate goal of quitting altogether. Pay close attention to what might have activated the regression, and take it as an opportunity for a learning experience – making sure it won’t happen again.

10. If smoking is your response to anxiety, find a suitable substitute for dealing with anxiety. When you are worried and stressed, consider getting a massage therapy. Also doing something simple like taking a bath or enjoying a light snack is a far better reaction to stress compared to the devil that smoking is. Doing these things go a long way in your journey to quit, while still keeping your anxiety level in check.


Even though giving up tobacco can be a huge challenge, hopefully some of these tips have given you some ways to approach your goal. Remember that while the process takes a lot of effort and is downright horrible at times, the reward of being a non-smoker is well worth it.

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Reduce Your Stress And Sore Muscles With Massage Therapy

Reduce Your Stress And Sore Muscles With Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy at Home: Easier than it sounds

A massage in your own home can be a pleasurable experience for both the person giving the massage and the person receiving. You only need minimal supplies and a few techniques. In this article we will share some great tips for a home massage, so continue reading and discover the secrets to what makes fantastic massages!

One of the most important things to consider when you are giving your massage to someone is to make sure that the environment is up to par. Try to keep things comfortable and use towels to soften the area that the person you are massaging will be lying on top of.

Ask you friends who they use for their massages. It can be hard to find a massage therapist that you are comfortable with, but knowing that someone you know uses and trusts them you will feel that much better about it. Ask as many people as you can before you decide on one to try.

There are many different massage oils out there, so do your research and use the one you like best!

There are many different massage oils out there, so do your research and use the one you like best!

Olive oil is exceptional for massage. A healing oil is more beneficial than a simple lotion or gel because it can easily absorb into a person’s skin. Lotions are okay, but oil allows your hands to move effortlessly across the skin, too.

When you are going for a massage, ask questions to become as comfortable as possible. No questions are dumb, and the person providing the massage should have no problems answering any questions you may pose. You simply need to feel comfortable, and you should ask whatever questions you need in order to do so.

You can’t just become a great massage therapist overnight. Begin by giving massages to people with whom you are at ease, and solicit feedback on your technique. Next, you can move on to your significant other.

If you need help with stress or pain, you should get a massage from a professional. Asking someone you know to give you a massage can be helpful but keep in mind that a trained professional will be able to use technique your friend or relative does not know about.

One of the most relaxing massages is a good neck massage. The neck is a prime area for storing tension. This spot is also quite easy to massage and stands to benefit greatly from the process. When you massage your neck, put lotion on both hands and massage the shoulders as well.

Don't forget facial massages! They are a fantastic way to end your massage!

Don’t forget facial massages! They are a fantastic way to end your massage!

When giving a massage to someone, you need to be careful about the amount of pressure you are putting in them. Applying too much pressure could cause damage to their nerves, joints and muscles. Also, you should be massaging toward the heart, as applying the wrong way could cause damage to veins.

Did you know you have great self-massage tools around the house? Why not lie on a tennis ball for a sore spot on your back? A rolling pin is great for the bottom of your feet. Walk around your house and you may be surprised by all the great tools you find!

Try using your fists to give a good massage. Gently thump on the area that is painful or tense after warming the muscles with a more gentler techniques. Thumping is excellent for circulation and will cause the entire muscle to relax almost instantly. Avoid using this technique on someone who has to take blood thinners to prevent bruising.

It’s important to remember that it is very possible to feel dehydrated following a massage, as a result of toxins and fluids being expelled from your body. To help repleinish your bodily fluids, ensure you drink water. Caffeinated drinks should be avoided as they can worsen the situation.

Make sure you create a nice ambiance to make the entire proceeding more pleasurable!

Make sure you create a nice ambiance to make the entire proceeding more pleasurable!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this introductory article on home massages. These tips will put you on your way to massage mastery, and hopefully your friends and family will enjoy receiving your massage.


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